Empower your child during the summer! Who doesn’t love summer? We do! And our coaches can’t wait to encourage, empower, and come along side to make summer the best growing and learning experience for your child ever!


“This will be our 3rd consecutive year at Grasshopper’s Empower camp of public speaking. We love it !!!!!! We have recommended to it to so many friends of ours. I love their approach, the staff, the 4-day plan to achieve the camp goals. It is fun because of the camp culture, coach and the content. The staff if very encouraging and work closely to build their confidence by rewarding them for their efforts. My girls love how they are welcomed each year with scarfs and special grasshopper bag on the 1st day. It is truly empowering as it gives an opportunity to students to speak in front of unknown audience and improve their public speaking skills. The kids are looking forward to practicing their speech in front of mirrors every day because Ms.Susan said so !!! This pretty much says it all!” Parent, emPOWER camp

*emPOWER Level 1   ONLINE

Age: 6-12 years

Build young leaders through public speaking! In this fun and action packed “Survivor style” format, campers learn valuable communication skills. Confident communication is the foundation of leadership and lifelong success. Challenge yourself this summer by starting your public speaking and leadership journey with Grasshopper! Bring a water bottle, snack and lunch and get your game on!

*Writing the Right Way   ONLINE

Age: 8-13 years

Through fun, inspiring and challenging activities, campers will explore the worlds of authors, journalists, poets and more. At this camp, you will learn the elements of story building and how to critically look at your work to create mesmerizing, memorable stories, articles, poetry and other written communication. Captivate your readers and get your message heard! Writing, teamwork, games, challenges, and FUN. Effective written communication is an essential life tool for success in school, leadership and life!

Advanced emPOWER   

Age: 9-14* years
*Prerequisite ages 9-11 emPOWER Level 1

By now, you’ve had some experience in public speaking and leadership, either as an emPOWER camp graduate or through other activities. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, Advanced emPOWER is for you!! This camp will help chart your course to success using the 5 POWER skills, debate strategies and more public speaking and leadership! As with emPOWER 1, this fast-paced camp is packed with fun games, challenges and activities!

Pass the Potatoes, Please   

Age: 6-12 years
Does your student write and speak in one word sentences, acronyms and emojis? Do they spend more time communicating through video games and social media than they do with real people? As the world becomes increasingly impatient, fast paced and impersonal, manners and etiquette are still the KEY to opening doors of opportunity and learning to respect and honor others. Campers will learn how to speak to adults and friends, be a host and a guest, use proper table manners, start and successfully engage in conversation, and properly use verbal and non-verbal communication including written invitations, thank you notes, gestures, eye contact, cues, and texting/phone etiquette. These vital life skills will build your student’s social confidence… ALL through fun and engaging games, challenges and activities.





emPOWER Camp – Leadership & Public Speaking – Level 1
City of Bellevue, NW Art Center, Bellevue, WA

June 22-26, 2020, 5 days, 10AM – 3PM