Grasshopper strives to empower your student to communicate with confidence! We join your child at their level and challenge them to their personal best. Our caring and compassionate educators see each student as individual learners where they are encouraged and challenged. We view each family as a team with open communication between student, parent and educator. We are on your team! The end result is confidence that translates to better grades in school and success in life!

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“This class was amazing! The coaches were very friendly, full of enthusiasm, and was constantly encouraging the kids. The material presented was easily understandable for 11 years old and our child loved the class. One thing I liked was the summary emails sent to parents after every class during the week to keep parents informed. Very nice program and would highly recommend for those interested in learning to speak publicly with confidence.” Parent, emPOWER Virtual Camp

Speak Easy 1 – Public Speaking

Ages: 6 – 12

Public speaking has been rated the worst fear in adults. Why not conquer that fear as a child when inhibitions are low and learning new skills comes naturally? Our children will be required to make presentations and command an audience as soon as junior high. As they go through higher levels of education presentation skills become the key to success.

Through engaging video instruction and fun LIVE interactive games/ presentations, students will learn to get past their fear, embrace their audience and write then deliver an effective speech. 

This course includes engaging video and fun LIVE interactive instruction and activities in community with encouraging instructors and peers. These sessions will be broken out into age groups with instructors where appropriate.

Speak Easy 2 – Public Speaking

Ages: 6 – 12

Our Speak Easy students have learned the skills and confidence to present a speech. Speak Easy II hones those new skills through on your feet and creative improvisation, impactful and persuasive speech writing, fun activities and more precise feedback through peer, coach and video evaluation. Class will culminate with a persuasive speech presentation for family and friends. This course includes engaging video and fun LIVE interactive instruction and activities in community with encouraging instructors and peers. These sessions will be broken out into age groups with instructors where appropriate.

Prerequisite recommended: Speak Easy I

*emPOWER Leadership & Public Speaking Virtual Camp

Ages: 6 – 12

Public speaking and leadership made fun… yes, FUN! Through interactive games, challenges, and activities “Survivor style”, team tribes will learn to lead and team build, “wow” an audience using speaking techniques as they prepare, practice and deliver an effective speech, and play through interactive improvisational activities. Confident leadership and communication are the #1 skills for success in life. Prepare your elementary-age child now for junior high, high school and beyond.

This 1-week camp includes fun video lessons and daily LIVE Zoom meetings where campers will participate in lessons, activities, speech development, challenges, and “Tribal Council” as a group and in teams. They will earn points, votes and team-build as they encourage each other throughout the week. Some activities may require extended time outside of the camp hours where they made need to venture outdoors and indoors to complete challenges. Camp will culminate with an online speech presentation for family and friends.

Impactive Speech Building – Be effective

Grades: 2 – 7

In this class, students will Investigate different types of speeches, develop writing and speaking skills, and practice specific public speaking techniques. Students will learn how to bring power to their message using voice and engagement techniques to deliver a passionate message with maximum impact. Speak Easy 1 recommended but not required.

“Super impressed with this online class! We have done a lot of them and this one was great! HIGHLY recommend!” – Parent, Grasshopper Online

Complete your afternoon by adding The Daily Leadership Hour!

Daily Leadership Hour-12+ Leadership Qualities

Grades: 1 – 7

The Daily Leadership Hour is designed to inspire and empower kids to be the driver in leadership where they may thrive as they make a difference in the world. Each hour focuses on a different leadership quality and/or skill using Grasshopper’s LEADERS and POWER (12+ qualities) curriculum. Daily activities include:

  • Collaboration between teammates and coaches
  • Application and practice of new leadership skills
  • Building confidence
  • Learning self awareness
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Fun games and activities to reinforce learning

This flexible program is a great way to focus, reflect and re-center at the end of each day! Be inspired to be your best!!





emPOWER Camp – Leadership & Public Speaking – Level 1
City of Bellevue, NW Art Center, Bellevue, WA

June 22-26, 2020, 5 days, 10AM – 3PM