The following resources are either available for download or links to our favorite things from companies or places we believe in and recommend.

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES in PDF Using “Leaders” as an acrostic we have developed our signature leadership qualities which are easily remembered and referred to by our coaches and campers during our EMPOWER camps and LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS.

SPEAKING TIPS in PDF The 6 Tips for a Great Speech is how we learn and develop our students’ speaking skills during our EMPOWER camps and PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES.

PVLEGS.COM is the website for the brain child of PVLEGS (the 6 Tips used by Grasshopper!), educator Erik Palmer.  Check out his site for more public speaking resources.  His book, ‘Well Spoken’, copyright 2011, has been a great resource for us!

6CRICKETS, a one stop shop for camps and classes for kids, is a great resource for parents who are looking for quality providers offering programs, classes, and camps that have been recommended by parents for parents. Easily review, search, filter, schedule, pay, and share at no extra cost.

THE WRIGHT CONVERSATIONS is a company started by our friend, Robin Wallace-Wright. Robin is a master at teaching kids and teens and their parents how to discuss sexuality, growing-up, and relationships in an age appropriate, non-threatening way.  Her website has a free guide for parents!

CHESS4LIFE! is a great organization led by National Chessmaster (and our friend), Elliott Neff, that not only teaches the game of chess, but also key life skills.  Whoohoo!

JUST BE MINDFUL COACHING is one of our exceptional educational consultants. Linda Yee, founder, is our camp coach in the area of mindfulness. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without judgement, and with kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. It’s noticing what is happening both around you – and inside of you. It’s using your breath as an anchor to this moment.  Contact Linda if you would like to learn more about this empowering skill.