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Grasshopper strives to empower your student to communicate with confidence! We join your child at their level and challenge them to their personal best. Our caring and compassionate educators see each student as individual learners where they are encouraged and challenged. We view each family as a team with open communication between student, parent and educator. We are on your team! The end result is confidence that translates to better grades in school and success in life!

Intro To Leadership Through Public Speaking

Grades: 1 – 5

This course is an introduction to leadership through public speaking. Explore the building
blocks to communicating with confidence and finding your inner leader! Introduction to the 6
tips to giving a great speech, the 7 qualities of a leader, teamwork, social etiquette and more.
Continue to master your skills with Speak Easy 1, Speak Easy 2, and It’s Debatable.

Public Speaking/Debate Series

Grades: 1 – 5

This year-long series is the ultimate experience in public speaking! We suggest that After-School Enrichment Coordinators schedule the total year series of Speak Easy I, Speak Easy II and It’s Debatable. It’s a win-win!


Speak Easy I


If you’re afraid of public speaking, you’re not alone! It has been rated the #1 fear among adults but it doesn’t have to be with your child! With Grasshopper classes, students will not only learn the 6 tips to giving a successful speech, they will gain confidence through practice, interactive games and activities, improvisation and LOTS of positive feedback. Start overcoming your fears early and gain confidence for years to come! This class culminates with a speech presentation for family and friends. Continue building these important life skills with Speak Easy 2.

Speak Easy II


Your student has learned valuable skills and gained the confidence to successfully present a speech. In Speak Easy II, your student will continue to gain confidence and skill through spontaneous and creative improvisation, impactful and persuasive speech writing, fun activities and more precise and positive feedback.  Class will culminate with a persuasive speech presentation for family and friends. Prerequisite recommended: Speak Easy I

It’s Debatable!

Grades: 2 – 5

Your student is now a confident and practiced public speaker. It’s Debatable! takes these amazing speaking skills to the next level. Learning to debate a topic helps students grasp many essential critical thinking and presentation skills. Through fun content, topics, and teamwork, students will make logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence. Students will learn that opinions have reasons, that some reasons are better than others, and that nothing is as simple as it seems. Class culminates with a debate “competition”. Are you ready to have your student become an expert at argument? Prerequisite: Speak Easy I or II

Young Speakers: It’s Easy! Public Speaking

Grades: K – 2

Captivating an audience and getting your message across is a valuable skill.. and NECESSARY for success in today’s world of social media, video, YouTube, and school/career presentations. Most adults lack the confidence to get up in front of a group. Why? Because they never had the chance to learn and practice when they were young and unafraid. In Young Speakers, even our littlest of school age children will have fun as they learn to speak with others in small and large groups through improvisation, drama and play.

Through interactive games and fun activities our K-2 speakers will learn how to:

  • Stand out in a crowd by developing the 6 tips for success
  • Dramatic play – sometimes acting silly is the best way to overcome fears!
  • Improvise –by thinking and speaking without practice
  • Work together as part of a team.

Author Series

Grades: 1 – 5

Our Author Series goes deep into all aspects of the creative writing and publishing process. We suggest that After-School Enrichment Coordinators schedule the total year series in their line-up of after-school classes. Offer Aspiring Authors in the fall and winter to get the basics in creating and publishing and then follow up with The Bestselling Author in the spring to hone their craft to master their story writing skills.

Aspiring Authors


Does your student love to write, illustrate and express themselves creatively? If so, we want them to join our publishing company! Using a unique two brain approach in a positive environment, students are inspired to write and “publish” their own book. Each student will be an author, editor, and artist “hired” by the publishing company to create their own unique masterpiece. As a company, we will assemble and bind the books creating professional results*. Students will learn how to use the elements of story building to captivate their readers and enhance their illustrations to make their words come alive. After our last class, parents and friends are invited to join us and “Celebrate the Authors”.

The Bestselling Author

Grades: 2 – 5

Your Aspiring Author has learned the elements of story writing and book creation as well as beginning editing skills. But to be an author with a “bestseller”, one must be able to critically look at their work and learn how to craft a mesmerizing, memorable story that uniquely stands out and captivates their audience. Authors will learn more tricks to great writing and mastering their editing skills. Once their masterpiece is transformed, the authors will learn the process of contacting a real publisher and submitting their magnificent manuscript. Prerequisite recommended: Aspiring Authors

*Time will be given in class to write and illustrate their books. Professional results, however, require additional homework to complete a rough draft, edit for a final draft, and illustrate.

Modern Manners for Today’s Kids; Pass the Potatoes, Please

Grades: 1 – 5

Does your student write and speak in one word sentences and emojis? Do they spend more time communicating through video games and social media than they do with real people? As the world becomes increasingly impatient, fast paced and impersonal, manners and etiquette are still the KEY to opening doors of opportunity and learning to respect and honor others.  This class gives kids the opportunity to  practice and learn table manners, meet and greet others, engage in conversation, be a good host and guest, and develop proper and safe phone and social media skills. These are vital life skills that will build your student’s social confidence. A luncheon will be held on the last class to showcase skills learned and practiced in class.

Business Etiquette

Grades: 5 – 12

Give your student the tools to stand out and navigate successfully in our world today! Students will learn specific manners and etiquette with regard to the world of business. Students will learn the importance of both verbal and written communication techniques, posture and grooming, table manners, as well as job applications and interviewing. Whether getting your first job or just making an impression, middle and high school is the time to start acquiring these essential life tools!





emPOWER Camp – Leadership & Public Speaking – Level 1
City of Bellevue, NW Art Center, Bellevue, WA

June 22-26, 2020, 5 days, 10AM – 3PM