Grasshopper workshops are offered at various times throughout the year or we can come to you! Workshops range from 2 to 4 hours or two days depending on the topic and venue.

Thank you for developing and facilitating an interactive and professional Business Etiquette workshop for our 5th graders. It was wonderful! Your topics were age appropriate and helpful to the students. I love the way you kept the workshop active allowing all students to participate. The students were having fun and learning at the same time! I would recommend this workshop to any organization or school interested in sharpening students’ social savvy.

-Marian Illingworth, Counselor, Smith & Alcott Elementary Schools, LWSD

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Pass the Potatoes, Please gives students the tools to stand out in the crowd with grace and kindness while navigating our fast-paced world today. This is a condensed version of our Pass the Potatoes, Please class. Students will learn to communicate with confidence, table manners and place setting, and how to host and attend a party. It’s never too early to start acquiring these essential life tools and leave a lasting impression!  More

Business Etiquette gives students the tools to stand out and navigate successfully in our world today. This is a condensed version of our class, Pass the Potatoes, Please, that focuses specifically on etiquette with regard to the world of business. Students will learn the importance of both verbal and written communication techniques, posture and grooming, table manners, and job applications and interviewing. Whether getting your first job or just making an impression, it’s never too early to start acquiring these essential life tools!

This Speak Easy Workshop is a condensed version of our Speak Easy class. Students will learn to speak effectively in front of a group by understanding and practicing the 6 tips to a great speech. Through a variety of interactive games, fun activities and improvisation students will learn to use their nervous energy as fuel to engage an audience.  Grasshopper coaches will encourage each emerging speaker with positive feedback and constructive suggestions and modeling.

Leader of the Pack gives students the life tools to be the difference in the crowd. Developing and applying our seven skills through games, challenges, and activities students will learn how to lead a team, communicate effectively, take on a “serving” attitude, and problem solve.

Writer’s Workshop allows students to flex their creative imagination muscles and gives them the tools to communicate their ideas through the written word. Students will create a book using a two-brain approach which challenges the creativity to leap onto the page. They will learn to edit, revise and enrich their creation as well as the work of their peers. They will learn a few illustration techniques to enhance their written words.