Public Speaking/Debate

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This course is an introduction to leadership through public speaking. Every child can become a leader. All it takes is the initiative to learn the skills to get there! Begin building the foundation to communicate with confidence and find the leader in you! Learn and practice; the 6 tips to giving a great speech, the 7 qualities of a leader, teamwork building, and how to effectively navigate the social world by understanding the basics of greetings and conversation. After completion go deeper with our public speaking series, Speak Easy 1, Speak Easy 2, and It’s Debatable where we take those speaking skills to the world of debate.

Debating togetherThis year-long series is the ultimate experience in speaking!  We suggest that After-School Enrichment Coordinators schedule the total year series in their line-up of after-school classes.  Offer Speak Easy I in the fall to get the basics then immediately follow up with Speak Easy II in the winter to hone their craft with more practice and specific feedback.   Wrap up the end of the year with putting those public speaking skills to the test with debate in the spring.  It’s a win-win! 

Public speakerAvailable Online! Public speaking has been rated the worst fear in adults. Why not conquer that fear as a child when inhibitions are low and learning new skills comes naturally? Our children will be required to make presentations and command an audience as soon as junior high. As they go through higher levels of education presentation skills become the key to success. Through engaging interactive games and fun activities, students will learn to get past their fear, embrace their audience, write and deliver an effective speech, and improvise. Students will be coached, recorded, and critiqued individually. Class will culminate with a speech presentation for family and friends. Available February at the new Redmond location.

Speaking CampOur Speak Easy students have learned the skills and confidence to present a speech. Speak Easy II hones those new skills through on your feet and creative improvisation, impactful and persuasive speech writing, fun activities and more precise feedback through peer, coach and video evaluation.  Class will culminate with a persuasive speech presentation for family and friends. Prerequisite recommended: Speak Easy I 

Debate PreparationOur Speak Easy students have acquired the skills and confidence to present a speech. It’s Debatable! takes their speaking skills to the next level. Learning to debate a topic helps students grasp many essential critical thinking and presentation skills. Through fun content, silly and serious topics, and teamwork students will make logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence. Students will learn that opinions have reasons, that some reasons are better than others, and that nothing is as simple as it seems.  Prerequisite: Speak Easy I or II