“I was scared in the beginning, but after the first day I was excited to go everyday. It was awesome and now I won’t be afraid to be a leader. From 1 to 5, I give it 100!!!”
3rd grade camper

Develop Leadership Skills

Play Through Improvisation

Team Build And Lead Others

Deliver An Effective Speech

Public speaking and leadership made fun… yes, FUN! Through interactive games, challenges, and activities “Survivor style”, team tribes will learn to lead and team build, “wow” an audience using speaking techniques as they prepare, practice and deliver an effective speech, and play through interactive improvisational activities.

Confident leadership and communication are the #1 skills for success in life. Prepare your elementary-age child now for junior high, high school and beyond. Same great coaches as our in-person camps, but with creative adaptation to an online format which promises to get campers thinking, creating, and moving on and off the screen.

This 1-week camp meets for 3 hours each day online. But 3 hours glued to a screen is not an option for our campers! Each day will include a combination of fun videos, a live virtual community where campers will participate in lessons, activities (on and off screens), speech development (individually with a coach), team challenges (inside and out!), and “Tribal Council”.

They will earn points, votes and team-build as they encourage each other throughout the week. Some activities will require extended time outside of the camp hours to further prepare and practice their speech and compete aspects of challenges. Camp will culminate with an online speech presentation and skits for family and friends.


“It pushed my daughter out of her usual experience in a supportive environment. As the week continued she became more confident and improved.” Renu Bhandari VP of Enrichment/Parent

“Very helpful for kids’ development. A great mix of fun and education!” Parent

“Public speaking is very important for our kids’ future, and this camp is right on it!” Parent

“Detailed attention to each child. Great coach to child ratio.” Parent

“My mom signed me up and I didn’t want to go, but then it was cool. It was fun to write a speech too! I will use what I learned anytime I need to talk in front of a large group.” 4th grade camper

“I give it a 5 because the challenges were awesome! I loved it and want to do it again. I learned how to help my friends too.” 5th grade camper

“It is awesome, fun, and builds character and confidence. I will use what I learned to help others.” 6th grade camper