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“Thank you so much!  I have watched the video many times already :). We have seen so much improvement in her style and we see huge value in her attending Speak Easy. It is just a perfect platform to learn public speaking and your coaching and instructions are very simple to follow. I actually wrote a note to her teacher separately to tell her that we really like these opportunities which kids are getting at Samantha Smith.”

Samantha Smith Elementary

“My daughter, Zoe, LOVED emPOWER Leadership and Public Speaking Camp and said that she would even like to take it again next summer. Hooray Grasshopper!”

Kirkland, WA

“This will be our 3rd consecutive year at Grasshopper’s Empower camp of public speaking. We love it!!!!!! We have recommended to it to so many friends of ours. I love their approach, the staff, the 4 or 5 day plan to achieve the camp goals. It is fun because of the camp culture, coaches and the content. The staff is very encouraging and work closely to build their confidence by rewarding them for their efforts. My girls love how they are welcomed each year with scarves and special Grasshopper bag on the 1st day. It is truly empowering as it gives an opportunity for students to speak in front of an unknown audience and improve their public speaking skills. The kids are looking forward to practicing their speech in front of mirrors every day because Ms. Susan said so!!! This pretty much says it all!!!

S. Saini
Parent of Twins

“Thank you very much for your help and support through the class. This is a great aspiration and fantastic opportunity for the kids to showcase skills and learn new ones. Another great experience for the kids, another nice piece of work to read when we’re 70. Thank you for your time and effort to make this happen. Looking forward to continue next year.”

T. Sorosy

“Exceeded expectations! I saw so much progress in both of my kids over the course of the class.  They have built tons of confidence! Lesa is an amazing teacher!

Lockwood Elementary

“I give it a 10! I learned a lot from this class.  Now I’m talking in front of people!”

Einstein Elementary

“I rate it a 10! I would totally recommend this class to my friends because it’s an extremely amazing class that helped me do public speaking. This class taught me amazing tips!”

Redmond Elementary

“This class was a confidence booster for Collin. It made him shine with pride!”

T. Cliggott

“It is really fun to see your ideas in a book! I like when you start how your ideas change from beginning to the end, and how pictures make the book seem so much better. I loved learning about how a book gets made, all the steps from the idea to the pictures, to publishing and editing. It is fun helping other people edit their ideas.”

5th grader

“This class teaches you to be a good writer and do anything you want.”

4th grader

“I think this class was helpful in getting Emma to look at her writing in a positive, but critical way. She loved it!”

L. Perry

“MacKenzie loved this class. The first week she had “homework”, she exclaimed, “Finally! Homework I actually enjoy!” This pretty much sums up her experiences over the course of the class. Thank you for everything!”

MacKenzie’s Mom

“I would recommend this class to a friend because they can use their imagination and make it come true.”

3rd grade

“My child enjoyed the opportunity to create something from start to finish all from her own imagination. I would recommend this class. It’s an incredible imagination and confidence booster.”

K. McCall

“My daughter loved having her story evolve from a draft to final book. She can’t wait for next year and she is going to have her friends take it again with her! She can’t wait to write the sequel.”

K. Dice

“It’s a good way to see their work published. I enjoyed that it wasn’t made too easy for the children, but they received lots of support and encouragement.”

T. Kuoppamaki

“Kayla enjoyed having a supportive and encouraging place to be creative and expressive through writing. It gives kids an opportunity to create their own book outside of a more structured classroom environment.”

J. Murphy