Unique Approach

Our youth are inundated with today’s fast-paced culture. Anxiety and depression in teens are at an all time high which concerns us all.

But you CAN have confident and empowered kids who grow into successful adults.

We understand the complexity of being a great parent because we are raising or have raised our kids too. It’s a tough job!  But it is also the most rewarding work you’ll will ever have. We’d like to partner with you in empowering your children with the essential communication and life tools so that they may have every opportunity to be successful in life and make their dreams a reality.

At Grasshopper, we strive to make every learning experience as unique and special as each child that takes our classes, workshops and camps. Integrated into each are important life skills that will carry each child into junior high, high school and beyond.  We believe it’s never too early for children to learn and apply their knowledge and skills to the real world.

Grasshopper students become confident communicators and leaders…

  • on the stage with public speaking and debate
  • on the page with writing essentials
  • and in personal exchange with social, business and financial skills.
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A Grasshopper student and teacher’s guiding principles:

Listen Actively
Encourage Others
Always be Respectful
Personal Best