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Pass the Potatoes, Please: A Manners and Etiquette Workshop for Today’s Kids

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Look around you and you’ll see kids, teens and adults immersed in their technology, basically oblivious to the world moving around them. Not only is that a safety issue, but they are missing the important and valuable opportunities that come with learned communication tools and social graces.

If you have teenagers like us, you have probably witnessed your child and their friends “hanging out” but no one is talking and they are all immersed in their phones. This is a bit frightening! These kids are technically in a social situation but they are not socializing!

It’s important for kids to gain confidence in their social abilities while they are young. This not only makes social settings pleasant for parents, but more importantly, it gives kids a sense of accomplishment. As kids grow into their teen and adult years, they will feel confident speaking with instructors, professors, coworkers and be able to better manage friendships. They will feel confident sitting down at the table with their own family and others, and later in life, their managers and business associates.

We designed our next workshop to help kids build a strong foundation by learning important social skills.

Pass the Potatoes, Please: A Manners and Etiquette Workshop for Today’s Kids.

The earlier kids learn manners and etiquette skills, the stronger their foundation will be as they grow into adults.

Now we know what you are thinking! How am I going to get my kids excited about a 4 hour manners workshop?
You might hear your kids say things like…
“I already know all about manners. I say please and thank you.”
“Manners are boring”.
“Are you trying to punish me?”

So what if there was a way that your child could reinforce their etiquette skills while laughing, playing games, play acting and having fun? What if you could feel good knowing that your child was learning great stuff and having fun doing it?
This workshop was created to be different. Yes, kids will learn skills like:

  • Looking people in the eye
  • Shaking hands
  • Opening doors
  • Being a friend
  • How to manage a large group or party
  • Talking with peers and grown-ups
  • Ipod, cellphone, texting etiquette
  • Writing thank you notes
  • Giving and receiving gifts
  • How to set and behave at the table
  • How to serve yourself in a buffet line

BUT… they will learn ALL these tools the Grasshopper Way!

  • fun activities and games
  • play acting
  • team building
  • contests and crafts
  • and a real dining experience

This workshop will accommodate girls and boys as young as 7 and as old as 12. Upon leaving this workshop both extroverts and introverts will have made new friends while acquiring the knowledge of the value of manners in today’s world and have a new sense of self confidence in social situations.

It’s proven that manners raise a child’s social IQ and flag them as a reasonable, thoughtful person.

Invest in your child’s future  They’ll thank you for it.thank you boy


2 thoughts on “Manners & Etiquette Workshop

  1. Shubhra says:

    Hello, My daughter registered for this( Pass the Potatoes, please) program at Wellington Elementary but it was cancelled there. I was wondering, if the program is available outside the school also so my daughter could attend it say on weekends or during vacations.

  2. gras3890 says:

    Thank you for asking! We had so hoped that we would be able to run the workshop at Wellington as it was greatly received last year. I do believe the PTA is planning to try again this year so that may be another opportunity for your daughter. We are also now offering Pass the Potatoes, Please: Manners & Etiquette Summer Camp. Here is the link At this time we don’t have weekend classes, but either of these options may work for you. Please contact us via email or phone if you would like to discuss something further or have more questions. 503-662-8146

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