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soft drinkWhat steps are involved in developing, marketing, and producing a new soft drink?  “The Company” will begin by attempting to create the “cola” taste using careful measuring and taste testing.  Students will conduct a survey among their peers and graph the results regarding preferences for flavor, color and degree of carbonation.  Additional taste tests are conducted and conclusions are drawn as to what characteristics should be included in a popular beverage.

After designing and testing their soft drink students will market their product and attempt to sell it to the school community.  Several interdisciplinary skills will be utilized throughout the class such as, measuring skills, graphing, estimation, cost analysis, writing and art.

Come and explore the mystery of bubbles.  Students will have good, clean fun as they complete scientific lab work using the skills of predicting, observing, testing, and drawing conclusions. Explore surface tension, bubble shapes, colors on bubbles, and bubble strength and lift.  Various bubble solutions and bubble-making devices will be tested and evaluated.  As a culmination, scientists will create and “teach” during a “Bubble Festival” for family and friends.

Mystery Buster ClassAre you a mystery buster?  Then come to the lab and solve the crime. Learn the techniques of a forensic scientist and use your analysis, comparison, and deductive reasoning skills to solve a variety of imaginary mysteries.  Students will classify fingerprints of suspects, use the science of chromatography, and analyze key evidence to determine who committed the crimes.

Didn’t get enough in Mystery Busters I?  Review and build on the skills and techniques learned. While solving even more complex crimes, students will learn additional techniques, tests, and analysis.  Not only will they attempt to solve imaginary crimes, they will also analyze a real criminal case. The trial process in relation to the field of forensic science will be covered in more detail.  Prerequisite: Mystery Busters I