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Table manners

Kids today are immersed in social media, cell phones and a very fast paced and inpatient world. It seems like a different era… but is it?  Manners and etiquette are still the KEY to opening doors of opportunity and learning to respect and honor others.  In addition to table manners, students will learn valuable life tools including how to meet and greet, effectively engage in conversation, use written communication, be a good host and guest, and develop proper and safe phone and social media skills.  

Business Etiquette gives students the tools to stand out and navigate successfully in our world today.  Students will learn specific manners and etiquette with regard to the world of business.  Students will learn the importance of both verbal and written communication techniques, posture and grooming, table manners, as well as job applications and interviewing. Whether getting your first job or just making an impression, middle and high school is the time to start acquiring these essential life tools!

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Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship