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presenting a bookUsing a unique two brain approach in a positive and friendly environment, students are inspired to write and “publish” their own book.  This is a fun and challenging eight week adventure where each student will be an author, editor, and artist “hired” by the publishing company to create their masterpieces. As a company, we will assemble and bind the books creating professional results*.  Students will learn how to use the elements of story building to captivate their readers and enhance their illustrations to make their words come alive.  Their books will be a treasure to cherish.  In a culminating activity, we will have an evening with parents and friends to “Celebrate the Authors”.

*Time will be given in class to write and illustrate their books. Professional results, however, require additional homework as each student continues to work to complete a rough draft, edit for a final draft, and illustrate.

Our Aspiring Authors have learned the elements of story writing and book creation and had a taste of editing. But to be an author who wants to create a bestseller one must be able to critically look at their work and learn how to craft a mesmerizing, memorable story which captivates their audience. Authors will learn more tricks to great writing and master their editing skills. Once their masterpiece is transformed, the authors will learn the process of contacting a real publisher and submitting their magnificent manuscript. Prerequisite: Aspiring Authors

kids readingUsing a unique two brain approach (creative vs. academic brain) in a positive and friendly environment struggling, awkward, would-be writers will be inspired to create a variety of well-written and interesting manuscripts (great experience for the MSP). This is a fun and challenging twelve week adventure where each student becomes an author and editor working within a “publishing company” (a lot more fun than a class).   They will venture into the fascinating and exciting process of organizing and translating information, thoughts, imaginings, and ideas into stories and essays that others will enjoy reading.  Students will discuss, write, and edit in class*.  As a culmination we will “publish” some of their exemplary works and have an evening with parents and friends to “Celebrate the Authors”.

*Expect up to one hour per week of additional homework as each student will need to finish rough drafts and final manuscripts at home. 

Get the top news out to your community! Students will learn the art of a journalist as they develop inquiry, interview, and research skills to dig up the top stories.  They will then write lead paragraphs, details, headlines, and photo captions.  Each journalist will edit stories and design their own newspaper layout and masthead to be published* for the community that they serve.

*Each student must have access to a computer with Microsoft Word to “publish” a quality product.