3 Common Misakes


1. Rescue too quickly

Allow your child to think, try and stumble in order to achieve success through natural consequences. Like a muscle will atrophy in a cast, so will the life navigation muscles without active use.

If you have a child like my youngest who is shy, you might be tempted to order for them at a restaurant or promptly speak up on their behalf when they are asked a question.


Engaging in conversation is one of the most valuable skills you can give your child. Allowing them to speak and assert themselves is essential in navigating their world and preparing them for future opportunities.

As parents our job is to prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child. Check out this great article from Tim Elmore which goes in depth on these 3 mistakes.

As children begin the process they need to learn HOW to effectively navigate their social world using proper manners and etiquette.

Manners raise a child’s social IQ and flag them as a reasonable, thoughtful person.

As our culture progresses into one that centers more around the single person thanks to things like smartphones, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s even more important than ever to make sure you equip your children with the skills and techniques to behave in social situations. As technology advances and the world continues to become more self-centered, children today have fewer opportunities to practice these social skills on their own.

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