After School Classes

Empower your kids through life tools! Each of our classes are specifically designed to give students the skills needed to bring amazing opportunities as they grow through childhood and into contributing and successful adults.

Classes generally meet once per week for 1 or 1-1/2 hour sessions for 6-8 weeks. Classes are tailored to specific age groups and curriculum adjusted based on class dynamics.  Class sizes range from 12 – 20 students providing optimal instruction and learning opportunities. Although classes below are arranged by a specific life skill, each touches on a variety of tools from speaking to inquiry.

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A variety of classes which develop and build on essential communication and self-expression skills.

A variety of classes which develop and build on essential writing and self-expression skills.

Empower with personal life tools, the essentials that give each student the opportunities to succeed in life.

The elements of science and math are explored through real world applications which build critical thinking skills, an integral part of learning. Students use inquiry, test methods, and teamwork to analyze, solve and create!